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Crude Awakening


By Jack O’Connell 2016-01-08 11:38:42 It’s the best tanker market in a decade, says one analyst, and it’s likely to continue. Last year at this time I did a column on LPG, the “other gas.” It was leading the way in the volatile shipping space, and it continues to outperform. China recently became the largest importer of U.S. LPG, surpassing Mexico and Canada and further driving... Read More ⇒

Are We There Yet?


Maritime Executive November 11, 2015 Calling the bottom in oil prices is a challenge. By G. Allen Brooks 2015-11-11 15:48:32 Wall Street has an old saying: “They don’t ring a bell at market tops or bottoms.” The same is true of the oil market. At market bottoms the handwringing and angst are intense, while at market tops euphoria over ever-rising prices overwhelms all doubts. In each... Read More ⇒

Uncharted Water For Shipping


From Maritime Executive By Basil Karatzas 2015-11-25 13:27:35 Having returned from a lengthy business trip to Europe, one has the feeling that something is different this time with the shipping markets. We all knew that the market has been through some rough seas ever since the monumental collapse in 2008, but there almost always were slivers of hope and optimism, that the market would eventually recover... Read More ⇒

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