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Interview with Paul Slater, Head of Qorval Marine


Fairplay December 14, 2016 In the second of a series of interviews with industry veterans on lessons learned from the tumultuous past decade, IHS Fairplay spoke with Paul Slater, head of Qorval Marine, a provider of shipping restructuring and consulting services. Well known for his bearish prognostications and scathing views toward speculation, Slater began his shipping career in 1969 as a financial analyst at P&O and... Read More ⇒

Special Report: The mystery of shipping’s vanishing opex


Fairplay › Commerce Greg Miller, Senior Editor | 3 November 2016 Some owners are spending considerably less cash on vessel operations. Photo: PA During the 2003–08 shipping boom, vessel operating expenses (opex) surged, sometimes by double digits per year. In 2012–16, it has been a mirror image: amid a weak freight rate environment, opex has fallen. Why should this correlation between rates and opex persist, given... Read More ⇒

Executive Insight: Q&A with restructuring expert Randee Day


Fairplay › Commerce Greg Miller, Senior Editor | 25 October 2016 Over the past decade, there have been booms and busts, mini-rebounds, false recoveries, re-collapses, and a seemingly endless series of restructurings. For insights on the lessons learned during this tumultuous era – what was done wrong and what was done right – IHS Fairplay is presenting a series of interviews with industry veterans. The first entry of... Read More ⇒

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